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John Schmitz for Nevada state senate, district 8 running against Democrate Marylin Dondero-Loop

I found myself saying that I wished that people that didn't want the job would run for office, so, I stepped up to the plate.

I plan to fight against the Californication of Nevada. I will fight for Second Amendment rights, school choice, personal freedom, protection of our elections. I will fight to reverse the numerous tax increases of the last several years, and I will not stop until the power of the Governor to single-handedly shut down businesses and churches is gone forever.

We must never be subject to dictatorial orders by a Governor again. I support the rights to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness, as our great Founders supported. I will fight in Carson City to delegislate.

We will remove roadblocks to personal success. We will eliminate bureaucracies that strangle the free market and entrepreneurship. Join me. I'd appreciate your support, and I assure you that your support, and your vote, will not be taken for granted. Let's Take Nevada Back!

john schmitz

for Nevada State Senate

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