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John Schmitz for Nevada State Senate, District 8 running against Democrat Marylin Dondero-Loop

Meet John

I came to Las Vegas in 1996 at 18 years old. I arrived on a Greyhound bus with a duffle bag, a guitar, and $15.00. In the Nevada of 1996 it was easy to get a job, and get on my feet. In that Nevada, the Nevada of twenty-six years ago, anyone with willingness and tenacity could become anything! Jobs were abundant, as a result of the ease of which an entrepreneur could establish a business and employ others. I have spent the last two and a half decades working with and working for such entrepreneurs. The Democrats have legislated and taxed those opportunities out of existence. In the Nevada that the Democrats have created, a guy like me would never make it, as I so easily did. As your State Senator I will fight to bring that business friendly environment back to Nevada. We will end government overreach, reverse the commerce tax increases of recent years, and eliminate bureaucracy that stands in the way of successful business.


I have five jobs today. They are all extremely important.  The first two are that of Husband and Father. Our oldest is 24 and graduated from a CCSD indoctrination institution. We saw first hand, and fought the indoctrination that was pushed. We decided that we would take our twins out of public school. When they were in fourth grade the Nevada Legislature passed, and the Governor signed, NV ESA’s into law, allowing for school choice. The program just needed to be funded by the next legislature. The NV ESA office assured us to just put our kids in the school of our choice and the funding was just a technicality, we would be reimbursed. The Democrats took power the next legislative session, and refused to move the money to fund the program. We were blessed enough to be able to keep our children in private school, then later we began to homeschool them. Many others are not so fortunate. For that reason I will fight relentlessly until every parent in Nevada can choose where and how their child is educated. The money must follow the child, not the other way around.


The next job that I have is in the Tradeshow industry. This is what I do to provide for my family. This is what keeps us in a home, insured, and fed. Two years ago Steve Sisolak closed my industry. It was the last industry allowed to reopen. I and thousands of others were out of work for a full year and a half. As State Senator one of my priorities will be to limit the power of the Governor. No matter who the Governor is, they must not have the ability to so significantly restrict businesses again without calling a special session of the legislature. Any statewide actions must come from the representatives of the people!


My fourth job is I am servant of God. Steve Sisolak not only put myself and so many others out of work, he also closed our churches. I went door to door to help members of my church get their needs met. I met many elderly folks that had lost their only weekly human connection. The sadness I saw was heartbreaking. I teach first graders in Sunday school. The amount of time that they lost away from their friends and schoolmates was unforgivable. The Governor must never be permitted to shut down schools and churches again! For any reason. I will fight for that!


My fifth, but just as important job is that that of a Citizen of the United States and the Great State of Nevada! I take this job seriously. For many years I have participated in campaigns, giving time and money. I have registered people to vote. I have relentlessly pursued and sometimes maybe even harassed those in office demanding that they represent our values and our interests, and not just their own. I never imagined that I would be running for office, but over and over I have seen unacceptable practices by those that have run for office. It certainly is no dream of mine to be a politician. The last straw was the 2020 election cycle, when I volunteered as a poll watcher throughout early voting and on election day. I saw countless irregularities, and some actual fraud. Of course as a poll watcher all that you can do is report what you saw. Any method to gather evidence is illegal, including any picture taking or recording. The only recourse was to fill out affidavits and give them to the attorneys to file suit. I also went door to door after the election. I volunteered with the Trump campaign to investigate irregularities in mail in voting. There were numerous voters whose ballots were returned undeliverable in the primaries but their mail in ballots were cast in the general election. That was a red flag. We went door to door just to talk to the people whose names were on those ballots. Many of them checked out and didn’t seem off at all. But some were obviously issues. There were homes that were empty that multiple ballots were returned from. There were several people I spoke to that said no one by that name has lived there that they were aware of, that confirmed that they had lived there themselves for far too long to have a secret roommate that was eligible to vote in the election! There was even one house where an elderly couple answered the door. They told me that they weren’t citizens, and therefore couldn’t vote. They told me that the ballot I was asking about was their son’s, who lives in California, not Nevada. Which happens to be an illegal vote. I personally completed affidavits on this and about 70 irregularities in total, and several others did the same. The judge refused to hear the case. As State Senator I will not accept anything less than a 100% secure and verifiable election system. We will ensure that your vote is never again cancelled by an illegal vote!


Additionally, I will fight to de-legislate and deregulate relentlessly. I will fight to take bureaucracy off the books. We will eliminate stifling and over-reaching laws. We will make Nevada free again. We were once one of the freest States. Today because of over-regulation you would be lucky to be able to open a restaurant with a quarter of a million dollars! That level of nonsense puts the American Dream out of reach for many. If you want to build a casita at your home, on your own property, you can count on a cost of $75,000 to $100,000. All due to regulations. You should have the right to do what you wish with your property, as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights or threaten the safety of others! There shouldn’t be exorbitant fees, studies, permits, etc. The Democrats have brought us useless ideas like carpool and bus lanes. I drive 20 miles each way to work, and the carpool lanes are empty to and from work. I will end that waste and outlaw special use lanes. Those lanes, will be open for all to use. The bus lanes that we have seen taking over many Las Vegas streets will also be open for all to use. Traffic will be improved without a doubt! Common sense deregulation will not stop at the carpool lane. I will continuously look for solutions to get petty laws and regulations out of your way, so that you may live as easily and comfortably as possible. I want to hear your ideas on this as well.


I will be available for my constituents. My personal cell number is published for all to see. That is not a campaign or work phone. It is my personal phone number that I have had for twenty years. I encourage you to call me with any and all concerns and ideas that you have!

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